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Sourcing-Experts.org is a network organisation of outstanding sourcing / procurement individuals. We deliver sourcing / procurement consulting and interim management services to clients across different industries. Consultants and interim managers in our network have a minimum of ten years of sourcing / procurement management or consulting expertise.


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We deliver sourcing consulting / procurement consulting and interim management services in the areas of

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We developed the High Achievement Sourcing approach, an optimisation concept for sourcing organisations. Using this unique sourcing approach enables high-value-delivered by suppliers at low-cost.  The approach is based on three clear principles applied in a customized, situation-specific, and hence, flexible way.


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End-to-end-strategies, smart contracts and collaborative operation are the High-Achievement-Sourcing-Principles. Based on them the approach delivers Sourcing Excellence.


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High Achievement Sourcing means first of all understanding your specific business situation and goals.

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Today, it is a major challenge for business to select and apply new technology: Algorithm Economy, Cloud Computing, Industry 4.0 / IoT, Big Data, E-procurement are major trends offering tremendous potential for new business. However, technologies advance rapidly and their value depends on complex drivers.


For being successful it is key to understand changing procurement markets and to know how to select and develop strategic suppliers who can deliver future technology.


We are experienced in analysing global procurement markets and in developing tailored concepts of how to benefit from chances and limit the risks. In our network we have experts for various sourcing problems and material groups.


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