Our Methodology


Managing a Sourcing organisation towards high achievement is a lot like being on a ship on the open sea:


You have set a clear course and work with many individuals in a team to reach your destination. However, not all conditions are in your favour. Thus, you not just need to maintain a good understanding of what is going on but also you need control of your ship and need to be able to react quickly.

The High Achievement Sourcing programme is an optimisation programme for sourcing organisations that takes this team view in its centre. The approach enables sourcing organisations to reach their destination delivering high-value at low-cost.  The programme is based on three clear principles applied in a customized, situation-specific, hence, flexible way. The approach delivers client value in its nine Areas of Sourcing Excellence.

Why your business will benefit from our approach:


Today, it is a major challenge for business manage technology-driven complexity and set the right priorities. Innovation cycles advance rapidly, therefore managing suppliers, running suitable processes on the basis of appropriate systems becomes difficult.


For being successful it is key to handle complexity in simple way and for doing so to have a powerful tool-set available as well as the experience to use it appropriately. What is the right procurement strategy? How can negotiations become most efficient? How can the collaboration with suppliers be improved?


High-Achievement-Sourcing is this powerful tool-set. We, Sourcing-Experts.org, have the experience to use it for your benefit. We know how to avoid pitfalls and how to manage and limit complexity.


“We know the short-cut.”

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