"Truth can be, if ever, found only in the simplicity." 

Sir Isaac Newton (1643 - 1727), English mathematician, physicist and astronomer

Our Principles

End-to-end-strategies, smart contracts and collaborative operation are the High-Achievement-Sourcing-Principles. Based on these priciples the approach delivers Sourcing Excellence based on a distinguished set of levers in nine Areas.


The degree to which we will apply which principle, which area and which lever depends on your specific business situation and your balance of sourcing targets.

Client Value

1. Functional strategies of your enterprise are aligned.

The approach delivers a clear understanding of the procurement market and strategic options. Sourcing and business strategy will be aligned. An agreed upon action plan will be the basis for your success.

2. Your costs are significantly reduced.

The programme offers a broad and powerfull tool-set to reduce costs with focus on Total Cost of Ownership and Bottom-line Ebit Impact.

3.  Contracts with suppliers are applied efficiently and support your company targets.

High-Achievement-Sourcing-Contracts fully reflect business needs on a common ground of expectations. Chances and risks are appropriately being taken care of.


4. You are utilising the full potential of your suppliers and the global procurement market.

Understanding your requirements and your supplier options will enable the full potential of the procurement market leading to high-value at low-cost. 

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