Global Sourcing, IT-Sourcing and Outsourcing

Example Projects Done (excerpt)

Global Sourcing: ODM/OEM High-Tech Supplier Development Programme Asia

We found new telecom-system suppliers for global sourcing by comprehensively auditing potential suppliers in Korea and Taiwan.

We analysed vendor potential and selected the most appropriate future strategic supplier.


Outstanding Achievement: Cutting-Edge Technology Access four our client.

IT-Sourcing: Smart Contracts Negotiation and Implementation

We led the negotiations with major IT service providers in regard to Mainframe, Server, Managed Network and End-User-Computing. We focussed these IT-contracts on value creation.


Outstanding Achievement: Cost Reduction of € 10 Mio.

Outsourcing: Near/Off-Shoring for Automotives & Airlines

We developed a new, smart global governance concept for steering near-shoring and off-shoring IT-projects with team sizes of more than thousand team members.


Outstanding Achievement: Significantly increased project turn-around times and planing reliability