Procurement 4.0

Example Projects Done (excerpt)

End-to-End Process Automation

We analysed business and organisation of a global corporation. Target was to set-up an end-to-end procurement to sales solution integrating suppliers with product definition, production and customer solution.


Outstanding Achievement: Our recommendation included a low-risk approach towards a step-change end-to-end process automation.

Customization and Implementation of E-Procurement Tools

In key project: We analysed the state of the procurement process, simplified it and introduced an appropriate e-procurement tool in a customized manner on a global scale. Full handheld access included.


Outstanding Achievement: Significant acceleration and transparency of the procurement process

Software Management as the back-bone of Procurement 4.0

Procurement 4.0 means taking full advantage of the world-wide web. We help enterprises not just to implement process automation but also to have a stable foundation for it. We bring Software Management, Software Asset Management and License Management to the State-of-Art.


Outstanding Achievement: Our client received a cost-efficient and compliance-secured best-practice basis for Industry 4.0 and Procurement 4.0.